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Moving House​Moving house is exciting, but it is also a stressful experience, particularly if you are moving to an unfamiliar area or have a large family. Use the checklist below to help you plan as smooth a move as possible.
  • Confirm your moving date and make sure it is convenient in terms of booking time off work. It is a good idea to move in on a Friday so you have the whole weekend to unpack.
  • Tell utility companies you are moving at least four weeks in advance as many require this notice period. Take electricity and gas meter readings on the day you move out.
  • Book a removal firm well in advance as they are hard to come by at short notice (see our Removals section for further details).
  • Sort through your belongings and throw out anything you do not really need.
  • Pack in a logical order. Pack things you will not need before the move well in advance and label all boxes with the room they are going in.
  • Put important documents and valuable items in a safe place and keep them with you during the move.
  • Inform relevant parties of your new address, including friends and family. Cancel any deliveries you had at your old house and arrange for your post to be forwarded.
  • Keep a box of essential items - refreshments, kettle, toilet paper, light bulbs - handy to help you through the first day or so.